What’s so special about this benefit?

What’s special is, the feeling you’ll get every time you make a purchase and realize, “I just got money for retirement and some extra cash for today – just for doing what I normally do.”
Or, to be blunt: If you don’t get in the habit of earning extra retirement savings from your regular purchases, you’re ignoring a lot of free money that can make your life easier and easier.

How do I use my benefit?


  1. Go directly to a website to buy things (even hotels and car rentals).


  1. Sign in at shop.savernation.org.
  2. Click on the link to that same website – then buy it.
  3. That’s it.

What can I buy online?

The exact same things you’re already buying — except gas and most groceries. We’ll be adding those, too, later this year. You can also buy lots of things you may not have realized, like gift certificates, event tickets, and discounted meals from local restaurants.

From whom am I buying?

Chances are, your favorite businesses have chosen to participate in SaverNation. You’re simply buying from their websites instead of at their store. (If a favorite isn’t participating yet, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.) To be clear, you’re not going to some special website with higher prices or second-class stuff. You’re just passing through the SaverNation website to pick up your ID before you click to go to their regular websites.

How much can I save for my future?

You can expect extra 401k savings to average about 3% – 5% of your spending, but there are many offers of 10% – 15%. So, the answer is a question: How much do you spend every month; and on what?

Can my entire family do this?

That would be a smart idea. Get your spouse, partner, kids, and parents in the habit of using your SaverNation ID to make online purchases. Every time they do, they’ll be automatically adding to your retirement savings – and giving you more cash to use today.

Can I still use my credit card for rewards or use my discount coupons?

Yes and yes. When you pay with your rewards card, you’ll get the rewards plus the extra retirement savings and extra cash. As for discount coupons, we actually collect most of them for you, which means, when you use your SaverNation ID, any specials or discounts offered at that time will automatically be included.

What if I don’t shop online?

“Shopping” is a misleading word. You probably already do buy things online – or should — if you book hotels, car rentals, or entire vacation packages at places like Expedia. Do you ever send flowers, gift certificates and gift cards, gift baskets, wedding gifts, or baby gifts? What about event tickets, electronics, and office supplies? You might consider shopping in store for big ticket items then buying them online with your SaverNation ID – especially heavy things that have to be delivered anyway. We could go on…to the question below.

Why should I buy online?

To simplify your life and make your money go farther. To be more specific:

  • No store is too far – or is ever closed.
  • Saves time, hassle, and gas expenses (also eliminates car dents, guaranteed).
  • Avoids heavy loads; stuff is delivered.
  • Auto-schedule recurring purchases: forget and never run out.
  • Easy to be “just looking” with no hassle or time constraints.
  • Lets you make last-minute purchases, buy from bed, or change your mind at checkout (or buy anything you want without embarrassment).
  • You always get the store’s full selection, so you’ll never come back and say “they were out of stock”.
  • Free shipping is getting to be the norm.
  • You can often buy the same things from the same places cheaper online.
  • Get online-only discounts and special offers.

Is this safe and secure?

Yes, It’s safe because SaverNation is PCI Compliant:

In plain English, it means our system meets the Payment Card Industry security standards, the standards set up by the industry to safeguard credit card and personal information during e-commerce transactions. Your information is buried under layers of technology, behind a series of high-tech locks and keys.

We also protect your privacy. The system is designed so that no one but you knows what you buy or how much you spend. Your employer is only told the amount to take in extra plan contributions. There’s no way to know if you earned it from lots of 1% cash back purchases or a couple of 10% purchases.

What if my employer doesn’t offer SaverNation?

You can still register and take advantage of our great savings and cash back. Select “Employer Not Participating” during registration. You can have the cash back rewards deposited into your savings account or IRA.

To get the most benefit from the SaverNation program, you should ask your employer to contact us, or send us an email and we’ll follow up for you. [email protected]